Praises & Testimonials

Stirling Gardner

CEO, Stackt Digital

"Erin is an A+ systems strategist.. She took me from utter overwhelm in my business and put (near) automated systems in place that literally allowed me to take my first true vacation in five years.

Onboarding a new client.. SNAP.

Onboarding a new team member... SNAP

Trying to find a random document, video, business asset... SNAP.

She created these systems in a snap so all I have to do now is work ON my business, not IN my business.

Truly, a game changer."

Angela Aja

Life Coach

"Working with Erin changed my life. I had built an empire but the backend of my empire, the foundation of it all had been neglected simply because I didn't know how.

I am great at helping people but when it came to the backend of my business...I was waiting for someone else to come in and fix it UNTIL I MET ERIN!

I now have solid systems and processes to take my clients through so that they feel well cared for and I now know what I'm doing.

Thank you, Erin for helping me solidify the backend of my business so that what I create doesn't crumble!"

Nas Echeverria

Founder, Next Level Up CEO

"Erin is incredible and amazing! She has absolutely changed how I do my business, and the amount of growth opportunities I have where scaling to a 7-figure business in the next 6 months is easy.

The possibilities are absolutely endless!"


I cannot remember what year wherein I made eight additional hires each time a slightly different permutation some in the West and some offshore but every time, it wasn't a good fit and it lasted a month or six weeks or two months, and then I had to hire again.

I was absolutely devastated that I was never going to find anybody that worked for me and the shame of having gotten through that much assistance in that short period of time was overwhelming when somebody recommended Erin, in all honesty, I had so little energy left that I really didn't think I could go through with this process even if someone else were going to do the hiring for me.

WOW, have I been proven wrong! This has single-handedly been the best thing I have done for my business since it started. It has been an absolute joy to work with Erin from start to finish and the assistance she has found me is beyond my wildest dreams. I could never have hired somebody that competent and has become my right-hand person as she should be!

Sally Riggs


Thank you so much for finding us, such wonderful team members. Theresa has been eager to help wherever needed and very flexible with the ever-changing needs of my business. She has been a pleasure to work with and quickly became one of the brightest parts of my day.

Now Sarah is two weeks into her new role with us and is absolutely rocking it! She has picked up the systems quickly, created new ones where we were lacking and wasn’t afraid to start directly communicating with our clients right away.

Theresa and Sarah said they enjoyed working with you and Shirley during the selection. It makes me feel good knowing I am working with a placement company that cares about the candidates they work with!!

My life has entirely changed for the better with the reliable teammates that you placed with us!

My only regret was not working with you to find Theresa and Sarah earlier!

Corrin Woodard


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